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Congress passes Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

After months of back and forth negotiations, Congress has passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This legislation had bipartisan support in the House and Senate, and it provides over $1 trillion in infrastructure investment along with enacting a new five-year highway reauthorization bill. Of the $1 trillion, $550 billion is new spending dedicated to roads, bridges, airports, ports, electric vehicle charging stations, internet, water systems, and other infrastructure needs. About $110 billion of this would go specifically toward roads and bridges.

While this legislation provides an unprecedented investment in infrastructure, Congress unfortunately missed an opportunity to act on truckers’ priorities. It is frustrating to see Congress continue to treat truckers as an afterthought especially when it comes to expanding truck parking capacity. We are disappointed Congress hasn’t shown any ability to pass highway bills truckers can enthusiastically support.

Although Congress failed to deliver for truckers, there are some positive aspects of this bill. Most importantly, the legislation does not increase minimum insurance levels. The legislation also avoided other harmful proposals like personal conveyance limits, sleep apnea screening requirements, returning CSA scores to public view, speed limiters, or expanded use of personal ELD data.

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