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  • Thanks to OOIDA’s unrelenting pressure on the FMCSA, the agency will begin a rulemaking process to address broker transparency, which has been made worse by a recent increase in broker fraud.
  • The goal of this rulemaking is to ensure brokers abide by existing transparency regulations. These regulations guarantee that carriers have to provide information about their transactions with brokers, but brokers routinely evade this responsibility and FMCSA has never enforced the requirements.
  • FMCSA has proposed a separate rulemaking to crack down on brokers and other financial entities that let claims from motor carriers accrue against the minimum $75,000 broker bond, which results in dragged out legal proceedings and inequitable payouts.


  • Unfair Advantage: For years, OOIDA has been fighting against unequal broker rules. The current system hurts small businesses and gives shady brokers an unfair advantage.
  • Rise in Scams: Fraudulent brokers are increasing, scamming hard-working truckers by not paying for completed jobs. They reappear under different names, leaving you unsure who to trust.
  • Good Truckers, Bad Deal: Experienced drivers are being driven out of business in part by criminals posing as freight brokers.
  • Real Brokers Defrauding Truckers: Some brokers make fraudulent damage claims after receiving a clean Bill of Lading for a load delivered by a trucker as promised.


  • Report Bad Brokers: Call OOIDA at 1-800-444-5791 to report fraud, fraudulent damage claims by brokers, or non-payment. Your call can help change the industry.
  • Talk to Lawmakers: Dial the U.S. Capitol at (202) 224-3121. Tell your elected officials to address broker transparency and help hold fraudulent brokers accountable.
  • Stay Tuned: New rules are coming. Be ready to share your thoughts when FMCSA releases their proposals. Keep an eye on FightingForTruckers.com for updates!