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H.R. 7517, The Guaranteeing Overtime For Truckers Act Introduced in Congress

A bipartisan bill backed by OOIDA would reverse a longstanding law that prevents truck drivers from receiving overtime pay.

Rep. Andy Levin, D-Mich., has introduced H.R. 7517 – the Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers Act. The bill would repeal the motor carrier overtime exemption in the Fair Labor Standards Act. The bill aims to ensure that truck drivers are fairly compensated for all of the hours they work.

The original design of the exemption passed in the 1930s was to prevent truckers from working too many hours. The reality, the Association says, is that the “outdated law” prevents truckers from receiving fair compensation.

“We know that for too long, too many people throughout the supply chain have placed little or no value on a driver’s time,” OOIDA President Todd Spencer said. “This is partly because of the FLSA overtime exemption.”

OOIDA said that requiring overtime for truckers will force shippers and receivers to move freight in an expedited fashion or compensate drivers for the time they are stuck at the facility.

Contact Your Lawmaker: Repeal the Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Exemption for Truckers


  1. Stephen Burnett says:

    First you would need to move away from mileage pay and enforce a minimum wage of atleast 25 an hour local driving or 3,000 a week for over the road driving. When a driver leaves home, he or she is on the clock.

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