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FMCSA Administrator Nominee Meera Joshi Leaving Agency

FMCSA Deputy Administrator/Administrator Nominee Meera Joshi is leaving the agency to become Deputy Mayor of Operations in New York City. Joshi has been with FMCSA since January and was nominated as Administrator in April. She was still awaiting U.S. Senate confirmation for the position at the time of the announcement. 

OOIDA President Todd Spencer said, “Deputy Administrator Joshi seemed genuinely interested in the concerns raised by the Association such as driver retention and job quality. We held high hopes while working with her before this recent announcement. Her replacement would be best served to have trucking experience as the position will have a pivotal role executing the White House Trucking Workforce Action Plan and implementing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. We will continue addressing the truck parking shortage, driver compensation, eliminating excessive detention time and valuing drivers’ time with the next nominee.”

Land Line: Meera Joshi Accepts NYC Deputy Mayor Position

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