Issue Background

On-Board Recorders & HOS

  • A driver that begins 34-hour restart between the times of 3pm-7pm Saturday-Wednesday is back on the road at 5:00am Monday-Friday at the beginning of morning rush.
  • A West coast-based driver on East Coast can’t get to work until 8am at earliest after restart, putting him/her on road during rush hour in urban/suburban areas, because times are based on home terminal time.
  • Truckers who begin a restart after 7:00pm but before midnight Saturday-Wednesday are back on the road between the hours of 5:00am and 10:00am on Monday-Friday, when rush hour in metro areas are at their peak.

OOIDA supports providing drivers the flexibility in hours-of-service (HOS) regulations necessary to reduce fatigue, provide for efficient operations, and ensure compliance by all stakeholders.

Hours of Service rules that went into effect in July 2013 have made it harder for small business truckers to provide for their families while making the roads less safe. A 34-hour restart must now include two consecutive periods of 1am-5am, and truckers are prohibited from taking more than one 34-hour restart per week. Micro-managing drivers’ schedules creates more stress by limiting their hours, earning potential, and ability to get the rest they need while putting more trucks on the road during rush hour. Professional drivers do everything they can do to avoid driving through cities during rush hour, but they need HOS rules that give them the flexibility to make these safety-focused decisions.

In addition to more restrictive hours of service rules, small business truckers oppose unfounded and anti-competitive measures such as electronic on-board recorders/electronic logging devices (EOBRs/ELDs). OOIDA believes that truckers should have the flexibility to employ a system of recording their driving hours that works best for them. They should not be forced to forgo their privacy, nor should they be forced spend money on equipment, installation and monthly data charges for technology that does nothing to promote safety.

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