Issue Background

Fair Compensation for Drivers

U.S. House Of Representatives Reintroduces Language Limiting Fair Pay 

The House of Representatives has introduced H.R. 4441, the Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization Act. The “AIRR” Act is a bill designed to authorize aviation programs, but large motor carriers have managed to slip in a provision that will impact truck driver pay. Section 611 of the bill was inserted as a result of a 9th circuit court decision to enforce a 100 year old law in California pertaining to meal and rest breaks for employees. However, the language also includes an ambitious overreach that would limit the states’ ability to address pay issues. Section 611 contains the exact same provisions regarding fair-pay that our opponents unsuccessfully tried to include in the Highway bill known as the FAST Act last year. OOIDA stands firmly opposed to this language.

OOIDA needs you to speak out and call your lawmakers about Section 611 because it could unravel mandated fair-pay for drivers and would empower large carriers to further reduce driver wages.  It would also gut the ability for states to address critical items like payment for detention time.

Act now and let your lawmaker know that Section 611 of the AIRR Act regarding Piece Rate should be removed from the bill.  Now is the time for you to be vocal – oppose language that jeopardizes fair compensation for drivers. You can find your lawmaker by clicking here.

Detention Time 

OOIDA has long held that unpaid detention time is not only a financial burden on small business owners and professional truck drivers, but it also has a negative impact on safety, as detention time can put a strain on a driver’s hours-of-service limits. 

If the wheels aren’t turning, truckers aren’t earning. As cliché as it sounds, it’s the prevailing truth in the trucking industry. Approximately 45 percent of owner-operators indicate that they spend over 11 hours per week waiting to load and unload. 

OOIDA's Stance on Fair Pay

  • Opposes any limits to states’ ability to allow for any other driver compensation except mileage pay.
  • Supports fair-pay for drivers adhering to mandated rest breaks.
  • Supports laws protecting the health and welfare of drivers.
  • Does not want to prevent states’ ability to address critical items like payment for detention time, safety training, and medical examinations.
  • Favors DOT Rulemaking to determine the reasonable number of hours a driver may be detained without compensation.
  • Endorses initiatives protecting drivers from wage theft.

Read OOIDA's Letter to Conferees On Fair Pay Provision That Was Successfully Removed From Final Highway Bill 

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